Edward Bain School of Language and Art Elementary School is an urban neighborhood/choice school in the Kenosha Unified School District. Approximately 347 students attend EBSOLA-Dual Language’s K – Grade 5 classrooms. Students enrolled in the  EBSOLA Dual Language program benefit from a high quality Two-Way Immersion education.

Mission Statement

Edward Bain Dual Language Elementary School mission is to empower our students to become respectful, life-long, bilingual and bi-literate inquires who celebrate diversity as responsible citizens of the world.


Dual Language

EBSOLA Dual Language offers a Dual Immersion Program that supports the Kenosha Unified School District’s goal of bi-literacy in grades K-5.  The Dual Language Program offers instruction in Spanish and English each and every day. Beginning in Kindergarten, instruction is presented primarily in Spanish, while English instruction remains included on a daily basis. As students progress through the grades each year, Spanish instruction is reduced while English instruction is increased. By the third grade, students receive fifty percent instruction in each target language. The goal of this program is for all students to become bilingual and bi-literate; to enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity; and high levels of academic achievement through instruction in two languages.  All of these opportunities will foster and increase world life opportunities post high school.


Highly Qualified Teachers

The EBSOLA-DL staff is comprised of highly qualified, talented teachers. The EBSOLA-DL staff recognizes that continued learning and professional growth is necessary and desirable. The staff is consistently taking college classes and participating in educational book studies to extend their knowledge base.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is District driven focusing around two main themes.

Theme 1: Environment

  • Big Question:  How does the interdependent of the environment affect all living things?

Theme 2: Multicultural

  • Big Question 1:  We celebrate with pride and respect our diverse community.
  • Big Question 2: We celebrate with pride and respect the arts in our diverse community.